Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back at last.

No I havent got lost just been busy This is my Grandayghter thet had the operation on her brain when she was a Baby She turned two on the 15 May this was taken at her Party. This is my sewing room tidy at last we got new built in wardrobes so I can hide all the mess LOL

I collect dolls this is one of them on display In my spare room

More of my craft room nice and tidy.Thanks to Lynn my Daughter in law she helped me clean it up I dont know what I would do without her?
Hugs Mary.


lynn wood said...

we really should have taken before rooms look great now, hope to see you sewing up a storm soon

chook said...

oh the room looks fantastic
I want to come and play in your room
and Lynn thank you for doing this for my darling mummy
hugs Beth

Mt Perry Quilters said...

Lucky grandma!
A sweet granddaughter and a tidy sewing room, happy stitching.
Narelle - countryroses

amanda_vicious said...

OMG!!!!is that the same room!!!! it looks great nanna!!Iloveyou

Micki said...

I just found your blog, and have really enjoyed reading them. Your sewing room is lovely, and I love your work.