Friday, April 9, 2010

My Grandson Jacob.

We mind my grandson Jacob While Dad goes to work He watches me sew and he asked Nan can I sew like you So I gave him A try at my machine And then he wanted to make something so I cut out A small bag For his sister Charlee Andhe did the sewing on it with me watching him I think he did A good Job here he is showing off his good work. And here is the bag .
Hugs Mary.


chook said...

oh He is sooooo cute please tell Jacob his Aunty Beth is sooo very proud of his sewing he has done a fantastic job
hugs Beth

Nora said...

Are you kidding?????
He did that???
Wow... better than me.
Great job Jacob ~

Dee said...

Hi there Mary. How proud you must be. I have had Jaden making his first quilt. It is so exciting seeing them sewing. I will have to share with you on my blog soon some pics of his quilt. Jacob has done a beautiful job on that bag and to make a gift for someone else would make him so proud too I bet. I also bet he has a very green sister wanting to make something too. Love D. :=)

Nicole said...

What a fine boy! He made a wonderful bag. My son Ahren is always asking me to make bags for all of his electronic equipment--his cell phone, his lap top, his iPod. Tell Jacob there is a market for this sort of thing and he should go into business!