Tuesday, October 12, 2010


One of my dear friends Del went to A garage sale and bought A box of crafting things for 7dollars in it were lots of crafting goodies and A few sewing things as she does not sew she gave me all the sewing things their were two quilting books and all these hexies all cut out and ready to sew I have never tried hexies before but I have been watching all the girls in globland doing theres and I thought I might try that some day Well that day has come This is my first try I think they look right.The books pictured behind them are the quilting books Well I am off to do some more Hexies He He He I think I am so Clever.

Hugs Mary.


Amanda Naomi said...

Oh my!!! I am so jealous!! I am so in love with hexies!!!! If you find you don't like them I will gladly take them off your hands hehe

Jill said...
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Jill said...

Sorry I deleted the previous comment - had a typo in it! I have yet to get into hexies but I'm working up to it - better finish some UFOs first! Yours look great.

chook said...

oh wow you I am jealous as well
I think you are very clever as well hugs Beth