Monday, April 23, 2012

My Opp Shop finds for the week.

Found this Kit to make A Quilt it cost 5 Dollars. These are all the parts for it.

I will have A try at making it.Their are some pink squars missing so I will change them with A different should still look allright I hope.

And can anyone tell me what the small plastic thing is For?

Hugs Mary.


chook said...

I love it soo beautiful

Marilyn said...

That was a good find, Mary. You should be able to substitute another pink for the missing squares easily enough, as long as you can find one that goes well with the other fabric colours.
It is some kind of thimble. Maybe for your hand that is under the quilt when you are hand quilting?

Margaret said...

Gret find, and perhaps a thimble as said

Brenda said...

Yes, Mary, it is definately a thimble, just as Marilyn said. My fingers swell up in the summer and shrink in the winter, so I can't use that kind once I've used it in the summer, it stays stretched. Pretty colors!

Narelle said...

Wow you have some great finds!
This one will be so pretty :)